Saturday, June 6, 2009

Celebrate Summer!

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather and looking forward to a great summer.

Last weekend my family and I took an invigorating hike up to Donut Falls in the canyon, and it felt so good to breathe in the cool, clean mountain air, and to slush around in the snow that was still trying to melt. The rush of the waterfall and the energy it flaunted was spectacular!

I thought as we were hiking down the trail that it would be nice to share some ideas with you that centered around outdoor hiking and camping foods. While I am not really an avid hiker and certainly not a backwoods connoisseur, I thought it might be nice to pretend to know something about I've been doing a little research in order to get you excited about the outdoors, and maybe inspire you to do some exploring of your own this summer in our beautiful mountains and canyons.

It's all about doing as great hikers do....preparing tasty, light to carry, and nutritious meals that makes being in the outdoors not only invigorating, but delicous!

Be sure to watch for upcoming post where I will give you great ideas and recipes.

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